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I am Professor at the French national museum of natural history in Paris.

I am member of the center of ecology and conservation sciences (MHNH, CNRS, SU) and scientific advisor for the French center of biodiversity data.

Contact details:

sandrine.pavoine AT

Research interests

Pavoine et al. 2011 Journal of Ecology

I analyze and develop statistical approaches to describe patterns in the phylogenetic and functional diversity of communities across geographic space and environmental gradients.

Jono & Pavoine 2012 PloS One

Part of my research concerns the impact of human activities on the phylogenetic diversity (PD) and trait-based functional diversity (FD) of animals and plants at local and global scales.

Extract from Pavoine, Marcon & Ricotta 2016

Methods in Ecology and Evolution

I develop dissimilarity and diversity indices, and analyse the mathematical properties of existing ones to evaluate their pertinence for measuring species, phylogenetic and trait-based functional diversity.

Pavoine & Ricotta 2013 Evolution

I analyse phylogenetic signals in species' traits and the resulting potential links between phylogenetic and trait-based functional diversity patterns. I develop and analyse tests for phylogenetic signal.


Pavoine & Ricotta 2023

Biological Conservation

I am particularly interested in species that are distinct from all other in a clade because they have no, or very few extant, closely related species. I both develop indices of originality (or distinctiveness) and identify original species at large scales for conservation priorities.

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